Genesis: The Art of Creation

September 10, 2007

The Dancing Sun Blog

When people ask me what I do, I now respond, “I’m a storyteller.” I tell stories of my own and of my clients. Whether it’s a nonprofit organization that needs to show the world how and why they change people’s lives, or a for-profit company that needs to explain how it adds value to the community in which it operates, I use the tools of visual communication to tell their stories in the most powerful and compelling ways I can. I also enjoy the process of shooting video, writing music, editing, mixing sound and visuals.

October 3, 2011

Genesis: The Art of Creation

About three weeks ago I began a new documentary project. The film will document the creation of a major oil painting by Fred Somers. Fred was recently commissioned by the Sisters of St. Joseph Carondolet in St. Paul to create a 9′ by 6′ painting for their new Carondolet Village on the campus of St. Catherines University in St. Paul. A special place has been set aside for the painting in the new building and will be a centerpiece of community life there.

As soon as I heard about the commission, I asked Fred if he would mind me documenting the process. It is not often that a film maker gets a chance to be present at the inception of a major work and I am humbled by the opportunity to share Fred and his artistry with the world. Over the next six weeks or so, I will be sharing some thoughts and video about the process of capturing the creation of this work. It will take some time after the piece is painted to edit the video, write the music, do any narration that will be required and arrange for the premiere. At the moment that looks like April or May of 2012. If you want to “go along for the ride” check out this blog space. I hope to add material every day or two.

The theme of the painting is Genesis. Fred has not determined the title of the painting (he tells me it usually comes quite late in the process), but the working title is Water Earth and Sky. Fred is an amazing artist of great depth and conviction. Believe me, the journey is going to be rich and rewarding for anyone who views his work and the documentary.

So, stay tuned. I will be adding material daily.